One of the best things about Virginia is the lucrative rap scene; there’s so many moving parts – whether it’s the brutish trap raps of Young Crazy to the tongue-in-cheek quips of Doug Finesse. All across the near 43,000 miles that comprise the state, you’ll seldom find rappers with similar styles. Consider it the Missy Elliott, Pharrell, or Timbaland effect – originality matters more than anything here.

IIIDAZE is a rap collective that comes out of Virginia’s Hampton Roads area and they’ve quickly climbed to the near top of the pyramid thanks to their peculiar style and musical originality. Just consuming their content is akin to a the type of audio-visual package that not even most industry paragons are able to deliver. The fact that they’re unsigned, and barely old enough to purchase cigarettes legally, is astounding. Fresh off of the release of their debut project Stars Never Diethe group’s fresh energy is addicting. They’re on the precipice of mainstream success.

Armchair Talk looks to get a little bit deeper than surface level interviews. We’re going to be talking about the feelings and thoughts that exist outside of the music as well as within it. In our exclusive interview with IIIDAZE, we dug into the atmosphere surrounding the group itself and how it contributes to its continuing success.

Check out the full interview below.

For those who don’t know, who’s IIIDAZE?

We are a multimedia collective from Virginia consisting of three members, Boris The Lucid, WOLF & Kliftxn.

What’s the journey been like to establish yourself as one of the hottest rising rap acts in Virginia?

It’s been very fun. A lot of the time that was spent spreading the name, once announced, was very positive and we received so much unexpected love. The time spent on the records and shows has always been memorable and filled with high energy which has allowed it to be great inspiration and motivation. We used this fuel that we created to go full speed with everything and eventually gained the permanent drive to forever break barriers.

Do you believe that rap collectives are the best way to pull your friends up with you?

One of the best ways, yes. We believe in the idea of everybody eating and never leaving anybody behind. If you came up with them and have always held each other down, without a doubt we should want to see one another win. Even if they don’t execute in the same lane as you, help one another find a lane, keep everybody focused and reassure one another to always believe.

Give us a rundown on the Virginia music scene.

Very versatile. There is a lot going on everywhere in the state that is stirring up. There’s a lot growing here and it’s quite impressive seeing artists develop due to the fact that they are making tremendous effort in their work. As a whole, we are a weapon and only we can use this power to change the world and help one another grow individually.

How do you establish effective relationships with artists in-state vs out of state?

In state will always be the most effective since we have this physical connection that attaches to mental connection. We grow a bond with these artists and really become one big family that strictly focuses on helping and wanting to see each other win. It’s the same with out of state artists as well, just from a distance, but it still can be just as effective. For example, recently we had Daniel Hex in Virginia, and it was like we knew him our whole lives. The love is always there.

What makes people buy into IIIDAZE? The idea or the music?

Both.  The idea of IIIDAZE that we’re feeding is to give you more then just audio. This image of these three superstars that are strongly attempting to give you enough hope to give someone else hope is what we condone. So include that along with our music and anything else we contribute into the world, we believe the world will stick by our side to continue to give light and power.

What’s been the wildest experience you’ve had thus far?

Our performances as a whole. We’ve grown such a fan base based off of our shows and it’s truly a dream every time. Seeing everybody sing our records and be so active feeds us motivation and more love to why we do what we do.

Do you think that the crabs-in-a-bucket mentality really exists? How do you avoid it?

Definitely, there are people out there who will not want to see you win because they aren’t in the same position as you. It’s how things are. Very unfortunate but it’s quite easy for us to avoid. We tone out all negativity and surround ourselves around amazing supportive people who will keep us on track if they ever see us dozing off. We stick to what we know and what environment is best for us, it’s how we’ve gotten this far – good charisma.

This BLUNTIQ article makes it clear that in order to work towards your dreams, a 9-5 is sometimes required. Do you guys have 9-5’s? (I do too.)

We indeed do and we believe it’s required. To be realistic, if you want to invest in yourself and fund for things you want to do, you have to have some sort of income to get these things done. It can take the same amount of time for the person who randomly leaves to LA or NY with only $500 to their name and that alone is a risky move.

How do you rank the successes that you guys have had?

We’re content with our success but we know there’s more coming and there will forever be more so we tend to just focus on the next move. We know there’s always more that can be done and more that can be developed, but we never forget to enjoy the little things in life.

Recognition from friends or online communities? Which means more?

We’re gonna go with our friends. Those are the people who help us grow in the state, just by word of mouth we can become this huge thing in the state that will eventually expand across the country and then make its way across the world, which is how it’s been for us.

Have there ever been any times that you guys have wanted to give up? If so, how did you persevere?

Not at all, we been wanting this since day 1 and not one day has gone by where we decided to quit. We know this our destiny and in our blood to make it work, it’s what God gave us so we embrace it.

What’s on the horizon for the rest of the year?

More IIIDAZE, more solo work from every member, no letting back.


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