The first thing that you notice about Denzel Curry, in person, is his piercing smile. The second is the permanently startled look in his eyes that lets you know that, no matter the locale, he’s poised, ready for anything to happen. And yet, he radiates calm energy. His charisma and relatability infiltrate the air around him. These character traits were on display at his Black Balloons Pop-Up and Meet And Greet event on August 11 in Miami, FL.

TA1300, Curry’s third studio album, is a lurid, emotional look into the weathered landscape that is Denzel’s mind; full of twists and turns, with pools of despair lurking in every crevasse. The album explores, through bombastic beats and somber melodies, the intricacies of the mind and the music industry. HotNewHipHop labeled the opus “a three act masterpiece. To celebrate its critical and commercial success, Curry hosted a surprise event with thematic ties to the album through its fascination with balloons.

The long line of restless faces were eager to become engrossed in the experience. Swarms of black balloons added an artistic element to the event that gave it a deeper level of meaning. The first 113 people that arrived received a free shirt with Curry’s image pressed on the front. The rapper himself, adorned in a striking blood-red shirt and skull necklace, was a sight to behold, a sincere, warm smile permanently pressed onto his face. For four hours, the mythical event was comprised of an energetic atmosphere that mirrored TA1300’s vibrant nature. Once it finally dispersed, the spiritual aura remained. It’s only strengthened the fervor surrounding the album.

The 1AMRadio Team was in attendance, soaking in the festivities and enjoying Curry’s hospitality. Check out the pictures from the event below, shot by Xeno Robillard.


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