There are a number of producers in the current rap meta that have carved their own niche: Metro Boomin’s darkly bombastic sounds, Clams Casino’s ethereal and soothing wisps, Tay Keith’s trap-heavy 808 feasts, the list goes on. While often times, producers attempt to emulate these stalwarts iconoclastic tendencies in their own productions, the results are varied. But there’s one producer that’s risen up as one of the most unique producers in modern history that’s been impossible to clone. His name is TrapMoneyBenny. You may have heard the moniker mentioned by Drake on the now viral “In My Feelings” song that’s in its second week of topping the Billboard 100 chart as well the soundtrack to a dance challenge created by internet comedian Shiggy. He’s poised to takeover the game with one of the biggest cosigns in the industry.

Speaking to The FaderTrapMoneyBenny revealed that he made the “meat and potatoes” of “In My Feelings”; New Orleans mainstay producer BlaqNmilD and Drake’s partner 40 added onto what he gave to create the bouncy, dance aesthetic that permeates the song’s second half. But the melodies and drums that give it a smooth, urbane aesthetic are signatures of TrapMoneyBenny’s sound; if Pepe Le Pew’s Scentimental Romeo pounce had a soundtrack, that’s about the closest you’ll get to putting the way that he puts sounds together in words. His productions capture the feeling of the sun coming up as the sky turns from a dark violet, to a navy blue with glimmers of orange peppered within. His earthy, ethereal sound makes each beat he produces a work of art. “In My Feelings” is far from his only hit.

In fact, TrapMoneyBenny has been responsible for tons of brilliant songs for some time now. Rounding them all up is next to impossible. However, we will round up five of his best to either introduce them to you or remind you of just how damn good he can be. Check out our list below:

5. “Sorry” by Yung Gleesh (Prod. by TrapMoneyBenny, Hurt, and Nate Fox)

Yung Gleesh and TrapMoneyBenny’s chemistry was as perfect as A$AP Rocky’s and Clams Casino brotherly bond in 2011 . Gleesh’s sprawling delivery, with its country tendencies, made a perfect compliment to TrapMoneyBenny’s spacey productions. They’ve made magic on multiple occasions, with “Sorry” (co-produced by Nate Fox) being one of their most magical. With what could best be described as the soundtrack to Tetris blocks blasting into orbit, TrapMoneyBenny extrapolated emotion from listeners with crying synths and other alien sounds that served as a necessary contrast to Gleesh’s raps. The remix made the effect even better, bringing in Fredo Santana and Chief Keef for a tour-de-force performance from all three rap iconoclasts.

4. “Chosen” by Quentin Miller feat. TheCoolIsMac

After his involvement with the Drake ghostwriting debacle, Quentin Miller largely fell out of the public’s embrace. The world was eager to distance itself from the possible pitfall of one of rap’s dominant superstars, even with Quentin himself revealed that the two were nothing more than collaborators. But Quentin didn’t stop – he’s been released a number of high-quality tracks that showcase why one of rap’s greatest handpicked him to work with. One of those songs is “Chosen,” a slinky, swag-rap sensation that sounds effortlessly chic. Both Quentin and TheCoolIsMac do their thing with biting verses, but the real star of the show is TrapMoneyBenny’s beat contribution that is snarky enough to make damn near anyone sound like the best rapper in the world. It serves as a lively third party on the track, with enough punches to feel alive.

3. “Pay That Price” by Key!

Another artist that TrapMoneyBenny has a near supernatural level of chemistry with is the commanding Key! who has become rap’s unsung hero at this point. In 2013, the duo released “Pay That Price” and it became a bubbling underground song sensation because of its ethereal synth pattern and prominent 808 placement. Key! has a way of lounging with his raps that sounds brilliant and TrapMoneyBenny’s other-worldly aspect of his aesthetic, that often bleeds through in his most relaxed music, bares face here in near orgasmic fashion.

2. “Tell Nobody” by Fredo Santana feat. Chief Keef

Fredo Santana leaves behind a legacy of contributions to the rap game as well as the streets. He was more than a rapper, but a warrior, friend, and husband who occupied all of these roles equally and mastered them as well. When he hit the booth, the world was invested in the pain strum through every autotune’d note that he delivered. He carved a niche for himself that, to this day, no one has been able to occupy. On “Tell Nobody,” his crooning was made doubly effective by TrapMoneyBenny’s grunge-inspired production – markedly different from the extramundane shtick that he’d been perfecting. The addition of Chief Keef’s harmonies as well created a magical gem that, to this day, remains hidden on mixtape websites away from the world’s ear.

  1. “Trappin Benny” by Yung Gleesh

Yung Gleesh was so enamored with TrapMoneyBenny’s magical sound, and his contributions to multiple cuts from Cleanside’s Finest 3, that he named an entire song after him. That song, “Trappin Benny,” is one of the producer’s, if not the, best beats that he’s ever made. Like the ten-minutes post alarm-clock blaring in the morning, TrapMoneyBenny’s beat catches you off guard as you groggily adjust to its tendency to jump from endearing to brutal. As the bass thumps and Gleesh gets steadily smoother and more confident with his unique style of rapping, it becomes one of the best tracks in recent memory. It’s here that TrapMoneyBenny established himself as one of the game’s most mesmerizing producers.


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