The first ever Sunday mARTket went down yesterday at YesJulz’s x Alex Da Kid’s Kampus. Hundreds of people pulled up to Sherman Oaks to shop a closely curated range of pop-ups from some of the best artists in LA. Pop-artist Tony Camaro gave out free doodles, Anarchy Street raffled off a $50 gift card for their online store, Chroncierge rolled joints on the spot, DJ Mia Carrucci played all your favorite Sunday jams, YesJulz declared a crazy 5 minute flash sale that sent everyone swarming, and so much more! Eventually the mARTket turned into a full on Sunday Funday as everyone chilled around the pool, drank rum punch, ate pizza, and danced. Before we knew it, the day turned into night but we kept the party going anyways, causing the cops to knock on our door for the fourth time that day. (oops)

Thank you to everyone that came through! The energy that everyone contributed to the mARTket was huge. Watching people connect through art and dance in the Sunday sunshine was truly special. You definitely missed out if you weren’t there but no worries, we’ll be back soon. Only next time, you can expect the mARTket to be bigger and better.



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