On the outskirts of Broward County, from Sunrise, Florida, comes Johnny Oz. At just 26 years-old, Johnny is working harder than ever to fulfill his destiny as a rapper. With the recent release of his mixtape Dead Man Walking and songs like “Lauderdale” and “Pay Day,” it won’t be long before Johnny is the new Florida rapper taking the country by storm.
Get to know Johnny a little better as he talks about his influences, his troubled past, and what it was like to meet YesJulz.
How long have you’ve been rapping for?
Since about 10-years-old.
When did you first know you wanted to be a rapper?
I was always around music, my brother was a producer when I was growing up so it was always a thought. When I turned 15 is when I knew it was my destiny.
Who are your biggest influences?
I would say Lil Wayne because of his unfiltered rawness, Kid Cudi because of the vulnerability he displays in his music, and Trick Daddy because we all know Trick love the kids.
What was it like performing at 1AM Live?
So exciting — it can only be described as a rush. I felt connected to everyone in the room. The energy Julz is able to capture is one of a kind. She can change the world with that kind of energy.
What was your favorite moment from performing?
It’s all kind of one big blur. I would say linking with Julz backstage was the dopest part though because she showed so much love; love that I don’t even deserve at this point. I’m so thankful.
Instagram // @Johnnyoz
You recently released a mixtape called Dead Man Walking, what were you focused on as an artist when you went into making this project?
I was focused on myself. I have a really troubled past, I’ve lost a lot of people I love and that trouble, that loss, it comes out in the music whether I like it or not. I wasn’t aiming for a specific sound, I was just finding myself — I’m always finding myself. I’m fucked up inside, a lot of us are, a lot of us feel dead.
●There’s a lot of hot music coming out of Florida right now, why do you think that is?
I think Florida has always had the juice. Since Uncle Luke, since Trick, since Ross, T-pain and Khaled’s movement. We been had the juice, this is just a new generation of artist juicing the scene right now.
Instagram // @Johnnyoz
●Who is your favorite artist from Florida?
I don’t really have a favorite anything in life but Kodak and Xxxtentacion are saucing the game up right now. I got nothing but respect for their movements.
Anything else you’d like to say to the people reading right now?
I want the people reading this to understand that their dreams can become reality just like mine have. You just have to believe and convince yourself that you are great. Tell yourself every day that you will succeed and honestly, just live this shit like you only got one life to live.


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