Redirecting lives, giving hope, training, and supporting previously incarcerated men and women is what Homeboy Industries is all about. Founded by Father Greg in 1988, Homeboy’s mission is to reintegrate former gang-members into our world and help them to become contributing members of our society while providing a supportive community that will navigate them to make lasting change.

The Homeboy Industries campus in Downtown Los Angeles.

Each year over 10,000 former criminals from across Los Angeles come through Homeboy Industries’ doors looking to make a positive impact and change the course of their lives. As apart of the program, Homeboy Industries offers job training, substance abuse counseling, legal services, case management, domestic violence counseling, parenting courses that include access to diapers, tattoo removal, a computer lab, a GED program, tutoring, resume workshops, morning meditation, and various mental health support programs. The best part is,  ALL of these resources are free to the homies.

Father Greg praying with a homie.
Each day 30 doctors volunteer their time at the Homeboy Industries tattoo removal program that is completely free.

In addition to their support services, Homeboy Industries offers a full-time Jobs Not Jail employment program that is offered to more than 200 men and women. The homies in the workforce development program go through an 18-month training process that helps them re-identify who they are in the world by training for jobs like food services, screen printing, embroidering, retail, recycling, customer service, and solar panel installation. Homeboy Industries graduates are actually highly sought after in the solar panel industry being that the homies’ pass rate is between 65% to 75% which is noticeably above the national pass rate at 40%. This year’s class of homies sent 27 graduates to the advanced energy certification test and all 27 passed, proving that the homies are some of the best around.

A homegirl at the Homegirl Cafe. We recommend the Chilaquiles, they’re out-of-this-world good and the portion size is gigantic!
Homies enrolled in the recycling program!
A homegirl behind the scenes at the Homeboy bakery.
A homie at Homeboy’s clothing warehouse in the DTLA Fashion District.
Their warehouse offers embroidery and screen printing, all done by homies.

After visiting the facility in downtown Los Angeles, there was so much to take away from our visit. The most memorable was speaking with a young man named Jesse, who was in-and-out of  jail due to illegal activity and his involvement in gang exertion. Now, after working with Homeboy, Jesse has just returned from Oxford University in London where he studied abroad for a semester through a program at Pasadena City College, where he will soon finish his associate degree to transfer. Homeboy Industries has forever changed Jesse’s life and Jesse life will forever change our society as he inspires others around him.

Now, it’s your turn to change lives.

It’s that time of year to gives thanks and give back so 1am is partnering with Homeboy Industries for the ultimate Giving Tuesday extravaganza! On November 28, we will be doing a huge takeover at Homeboy Industries to give them a day of hope that they will remember forever but we need your help! Our goal is to not only bring awareness to all the great things that Homeboy is doing but, to help fund Homeboy to make sure that all these great things can go on forever.

To help support Homeboy’s incredible program, CLICK HERE.

Your donation helps to keep teens off the streets, reunite families, and give the gift of a second chance.

Thank you to all that donate and for those who can’t, support our Giving Tuesday event at Homeboy Industries by opening your DASH Radio App and tuning into 1am Radio on November 28 between 12pm-5pm. We will be broadcasting live from Homeboy Industries as we chat with the homies and host the event.




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