Edgar Crespo pulled up to the studio and played his music for the 1amradio team and we were ecstatic. The way that he coalesces different cultures and aesthetics into his version of hip-hop is scarily good; there’s no way he should be this good at only 20-years-old. The Newark, NJ native is a multi-talented paragon, gunning to establish himself in this whirlwind of a music industry. He has the talent to exceed, but, more importantly, he has the guts.

We’re excited to introduce the world to Edgar Crespo, one of the most talented young artists we’ve had the pleasure of coming across. Check out our conversation with him below.

Who is Edgar Crespo?

Edgar Crespo is a 20-year-old, upcoming, independent, Ecuadorian artist born and raised in Newark, New Jersey.

Out of the many fields that you’ve worked in (Dj’ing, producing, rapping, and songwriting, which one is your favorite? why?

Out of all the fields that I’ve worked in, I can definitely say that rapping is my favorite because it allows me to tell a story and I really just have a lot fun with the craft and the way it relieves a lot of stress for me. I really only started rapping because when I was only producing, I would get too impatient to wait for people to rap on my beats so I figured, fuck it, Ill just try rapping on my own beats and that’s just how it started.

What did you grow up listening to?

Growing up, all I ever really listened to was Eminem, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, and Drake. The only physical albums I owned while growing up was the Marshall Mathers LP and Thank Me later so those two were always in heavy rotation.

Who are your influences?

I can say that my main influences in today’s music are definitely Drake, 6lack, and Gashi. Mainly because all three of these artists are extremely versatile and are all different in their own way/style.

How does Dj’ing influence your artistic creativity when in the booth?

Having a Dj’ing background definitely gives me a better idea of what people might fuck with at a party, so having that knowledge helps when it comes to making different styles of party music or making chill shit.

How have your Ecuadorian roots influenced your music?

My Hispanic roots influence my music a lot because I always try to somehow blend Latin sounds with modern day hip hop and I feel as if that is something that makes me different. I try to play as close as possible to my Latin background which is how I ended up making my song “Moving On” which is currently my biggest song out.

Whats the Newark, NJ music scene like?

The music scene in the part of Newark where I come from which is called the Ironbound is heavily influenced by Brazilian and Portuguese culture. Most of the producers that I work with are Portuguese and Brazilian so I always ask them to put a little bit of their own culture in the beats they make so that the local people can hear their own cultures music mixed in with the music that I make so that it ends up being a sick ass fucking hybrid of sounds from multiple worlds.

How would you describe your musical style?

I would definitely describe my music as more chill, I basically make the type of music you drive around and just vibe to, I don’t really make like super trap songs.

Whats your 2018 been like so far?

My 2018 has been fucking crazy to say the least, i’ve made a lot of progress this year but i’m still nowhere near where I wanna be. 2018 is definitely my year of trial and error. I have learned from my mistakes so far this year but I still got a lot more mistakes to make and to learn from. Overall, a fantastic fucking year so far.

Ultimately, whats your plan in the music industry?

My plan in the music industry is to incorporate & blend more cultures and to also bring a new sound that hasn’t been heard of before. But, more importantly, I want to pave the way for more artists from New Jersey to get the recognition they deserve.

Who is your major influence?

My major influence when it comes to music is 6lack, I feel as if his lyricism puts him in a different lane than most artists in the industry today, he plays a big role in my style of lyricism.

How do you come about writing your music?

Almost all of the time, when I write my music, it always has to do with something that has happened recently around the time of the song being written. One thing that I do when I write my music is keep everything honest; I have never lied or said anything that wasn’t true in any of the songs that I have written and sometimes certain people may take offense to the things that I say in my music. I could care less honestly, so fuck em. Keeping the music genuine and real is a big thing for me.

Keep up with Edgar Crespo on Instagram and Twitter at @edgarcrespo973


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