London-based producer Nana Rogues sits down with Genius for their “Deconstructed” series to show the making of Drake’s “Passionfruit.”

“Passionfruit” came off of the 2017 album More Life and peaked the Billboard Hot 100 chart at #8. The track became a hypnotic feel-good staple that was sure to be played at any given Sunday cookout.

Listening to “Passionfruit” has a sonic contrast that feels bright and airy but also somber and chill with a classic house arrangement, shimmery disco high-hats, and at times, a mellow piano.

In the beginning, Rogues talks about the creative process for “Passionfruit” saying, “The vibe is weird. Every time I explain to people, people look at me funny. So basically, when I made the beat I was thinking of clouds. Like clouds in a jungle filled full of love. But not love from a girl. Love from life, and appreciation just a nice fluffy, bouncy.”

The remainder of the video feels serene with Rogues’ composed demeanor and ethereal wisdom that reflects the spirit of “Passionfruit.” Oddly enough, Rogues had no idea the beat he had made was going to be “Passionfruit” until close to the release date. He credits Drake’s team to making it the paradisiacal masterpiece that it is.

Watch the video above to experience the entire process.


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