Artist, activist, and Twitter philosopher Jaden Smith partners with Umami Burger to bring a special slider trio together. The trio is focused around the “impossible patty” which earns its name from being the fact that it’s a veggie patty, but it tastes, feels, and smells like a meat patty, making it impossible that it could be a veggie burger.

And let’s just say this — the impossible burger absolutely lives up to its name.

Not only are these burgers astonishingly delicious but they help the planet in a huge way by using 74% less water, 95% less land, and lower greenhouse gas emissions by 87%, in comparison to a traditional beef burger.

Jaden decided to take the benefits of the impossible burger even further saying, “I also want there to be a social impact and social change aspect to it as well. So one dollar of every burger that is sold through my partnership with Umami is going to be going to a specific charity for hurricane relief.”

We love an icon, an entrepreneur, and an activist so we supported Jaden by giving the burgers a try for ourselves. Check out the rankings below!


This is the OG Impossible Burger turned into a slider. It includes the impossible patty, caramelized onions, American cheese, miso-mustard, house spread, dill pickles, lettuce, and tomato. You can expect it to taste like the classic American burger that you’d find at your local mom n’ pop diner or even In-N-Out. This burger was good and absolutely enjoyable, just not as unique as the other burgers included in the trio; it’s definitely a classic though. For those of you that are hesitant in trying these impossible burgers, we recommend you try this slider first. It’ll let you know what you’re in-store for and once you’ve had a nibble, you’ll be mind blown that the familiar, homey taste you’re experiencing is in fact not a real hamburger — at all.


This burger was our second favorite of the bunch. The Umami-BBQ Slider is made up of the impossible patty, American cheese, Umami bbq sauce, tempura serranos, and smoked salt onion strings. I hope you read all those ingredients closely because as you eat the burger, you can taste each unique ingredient individually. Most foods work together to compliment each other but the ingredients in this burger all somehow manage to have their own individual moment. As you eat it, you’ll notice how the burger transforms from sweet to savory and ends in spice. Each bite was truly a different experience each time.


This final burger was our absolute favorite! The Korean BBQ Slider is made up of the impossible patty, gochujang glaze, caramelized kimchi, sesame aioli, korean ketchup, and scallion cilantro salad. The caramelized kimchi is really what sent the burger over the top and made it a sensation of flavors that we haven’t experienced. The combination of the sweet and spicy kimchi paired perfectly with the sesame aioli makes for a sugar glazed tang that will take your taste buds to South Korea and back; it’s some serious Seoul food. Umami should definitely consider adding this burger to their menu full time.

Needless to say, the impossible trio left us overwhelmed with how good they taste but also also the fact that they’re made from a plant-based patty — it’s insane! With food technology as good as this, who knows what’s in-store for the future of food. Make sure you stop by Umami Burger to try Jaden’s impossible trio for yourself. This campaign only runs until December 31, so hurry! And while you’re there, make sure you grab a JUST Water which is another one of Jaden’s endeavors as an entrepreneur and as an philanthropist. Seriously, huge props to Jaden for leading the way and showing the world what the youth has to offer.



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