Having too much music released at one time has become one of 2018’s driving themes. This week’s collection of jams comes in the form of #1AmSelects, the first of a weekly playlist series featuring some of the hottest music to come out. These carefully curated selections come on the heels of hours of digesting music, so you’ll be able to set this entire playlist on repeat once you hop in the car without worry. From YG to Ella Mai, RL Grime to Travis Scott, you’ll be up to date with the hottest music. We’ve also thrown in a couple of obscure hits that come from casual browsing, so there’s that to contend with as well.

Our standout song of the week has to go to Travis Scott’s “5% Tint.” It is a slow, lurching hit that makes the hair on the nape of your neck stand up. FKi 1st handles the ominous production and horrifying aesthetic that Travis hovers around, his lofty vocals adding a slightly menacing tone to the proceedings. There’s so much to love about it – from the encumbering bass, to Travis’ delivery.

Check out the first edition of #1AmSelects below.


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