You know how they say success doesn’t happen overnight? Well that’s not the case for Trippie Redd. The instant success of his single, “Love Scars,” paved the way for a seamless, silver stride to the top. With barely a full year into his career, Trippie already has two projects under his belt that have been largely recognized for his fusion of catchy traps beats and angsty emo lyrics. With tracks like “Romeo and Juliet” and “In Too Deep,” Trippie proves to be the My Chemical Romance of the SoundCloud generation.

Last night, 1am Radio stopped by the All Def Digital x Ham On Everything Trippie Redd show at the Regent Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles. A source with knowledge informs 1am that All Def Digital and Ham On Everything plan to do a free show every month from now on. So make sure you follow their socials to keep up with them and get information on the upcoming shows.

@italianleather & @stereotypegoham with @alldefdigital. | Photo by @markpeaced.

The night began as we pulled up to the theatre where a mob of fans lined up all the way down the block. Since the show was free, a lot of people arrived early to make sure they secured the bag and got into the show. The Regent is a historic LA venue and any event that goes on there always feels legendary. Plus beers are only $6-$8 and if you’re from LA, you know that’s a score. The crowd was ready to turn up as soon as we entered the theatre and the place got packed in no time. Even though we were shoulder to shoulder, there were two huge mosh pits going on and a fight broke out.

And then another one.

And another one.

Three different fights within three hours. It was total madness. Especially when Dem Ham Boys dropped Chop Suey by System of a Down. The crowd transitioned from rappers to rockstars and shit got crazy. It wasn’t all madness though, the crowd came together in unison when Italian Leather dropped “Always Be My Baby” by Mariah Carey. If you think a bunch of Trippie Redd fans screamed Mariah Carey lyrics at the top of their lungs then you’re absolutely right. It was beautiful.

Dem Ham Boyz, @adamgoesham & @romoface | Photo by @markpeaced.

After the DJ sets were done, All Def Digital surprised us by bringing out Lil House Phone, Lil Wop, and Uno The Activist. Coming out of Atlanta and the 1017 squad, Lil Wop is the new mans on the block. He’s been steadily gaining traction through his Wopavelli mixtapes with his latest one being Wopavelli 3, which features Gucci Mane. You could tell that the crowd wasn’t too familiar with Lil Wop but it didn’t take long for them to get adjusted. With his obnoxious “AYEEEE” ad-lib and catchy tracks like “Friday the 13th” and “Skitz,” the crowd inclined to Lil Wop instantly.

@lilwop17_ on stage. Peep the ice cream cone face tatt. | Photo by @walterwbrady
@unotheactivist & @thouxanbanfauni stage dive into the crowd. | Photo by @markpeaced

We all knew Trippie pulled up on stage as soon as we heard the keys to “Bust Down” and his infamous, mouthy scream that kind of makes you feel nauseous. Trippie put on a great set that incorporated all your favorites from the “Love Letter To You” projects including, “Poles 1469,”“In Too Deep,” and “Love Scars.” He even brought out Cydnee with a C to perform their track, “Feel Good.” The highlight of Trippie’s set was when he performed “Gleeeming Karnival” which is this totally unconventional but catchy track that makes the crowd go dumb every single time.

The man of the hour, @trippieredd. | Photo by @markpeaced.
@whoischrisking joins @trippieredd on stage. | Photo by @markpeaced.

When Trippie first arrived on the music scene, there was a lot of comparison between him and Lil Uzi Vert. Uzi fans were quick to come for Trippie and accuse him of being nothing more than a Lil Uzi fraud. With a similar look and a similar sound, no one was sure where Trippie would end up in the music world. After last night’s performance, it’s safe to say that Trippie has made his own lane away from Lil Uzi. Trippie’s world is romantic and dark but also unconventional and unique. His delivery style and lyricism will attract anyone that wants to cry and scream mid turn up; it’s a idiosyncratic form of therapy and we love it. This is just the beginning for Trippie, he’s only shown a fraction of his full potential at this point. With the odds in his favor, we recommend you bet it all on Redd.

Photo by @markpeaced.


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