Kamp Drip is a strident, militant-esque locale where guns line the insides of vending machines and instructors force you to nod ominously as they rap. Those instructors here are YG and A$AP Rocky, and Kamp Drip is the location that provides an interesting flip on boot camp for the former’s new single “Handgun.” With YG as the in-you-face Drill Sergeant and A$AP Rocky a secondary instructor with his signature¬†TESTING¬†logo ingrained in his uniform, the two make for an outlandish pair that look to have had as much fun shooting the video as they did making the song.

Speaking of which, YG’s confidence is growing, as evident by the sing-songy vocals on display at the beginning. Then he settles into a breakneck pace with his pugnacious flows that never lets up. A$AP Rocky also is equally fierce with his rhymes, with the duo creating a whirlwind of confident boasts that makes “Handgun” an exciting new single ahead of the release of YG’s new album,¬†Still Dangerous, on Aug. 3.

Watch the video for “Handgun” below.


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