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Joey Bakes was born in Roosevelt, New York, but moved to Dallas, Texas in his teens. His father being an avid music lover was one of the many inspirations of young Bakes, along with most of the 90's era rappers (some of the best rappers of all time) whos conscious levels and styles of music dominated that time period. Whether it was sciences or the fate of the Gods, Bakes became a early musician starting off writing solid bars to spit for his friends at the lunch table. This grew into a deeper art, Young Bakes then started recording, mixing and releasing both freestyles and completed songs throughout his high school years. As time went on, so did his love for the music. Followed by a life littered with hardships, struggle, dedication, discipline and success, Bakes continued to pursue music with numerous influences both inside and outside the music industry. With the merger at RZOSound Joey Bakes will capture the minds of true hip hop heads and suppress the theory that true hip hop is lost.

Stream or Purchase Joey Bakes' latest album Poseidon here.

Joey Bakes

Joey Bakes

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