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Muvas Milk, a soulful multi-talented creator mastering skills in Audio Engineering, Music Production, Singing/Songwriting while also mastering the art of motherhood with her entrepreneurial lifestyle. She was born in LA + raised in SF where she initially began her music career in 2014 as “Venus Amor”. Muvas Milk found a comfortable way to create a match to her introverted personality. From the comfort of her home she has taught herself how to utilize softwares like, FL Studio, Ableton, Protools, Adobe Photoshop + Final Cut Pro to expand her brand and manage her career.

Muvas Milk has graced the stages of III Points, The Love Below, The Void, and The Future is Female, all held in Miami, Florida. She has also shared her presence in other states like Portland, Atlanta, and Texas. Muvas Milk started releasing music on SoundCloud in 2014 when the platform started to grow, where she gained most of her following. Soon after, she began traveling back and forth between Orlando and Miami, allowing her to meet new people, build new relationships, as well as gain more bookings. In 2014, she won “Best Female Vocalist of the Year” for Mieux Magazine Awards.

Muvas Milk’s angelic tone has been praised of having similarities to megastars Mariah Carey, Aaliyah, and Toni Braxton. Her falsetto highs and different harmonies is what makes her stand out amongst other vocalists.


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Muvas Milk

Muvas Milk

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