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Join date: Oct 28, 2021


Reality aka Tyshawn is a 25 year old hailing from West Roxbury MA, came up as a hooper in my city and was a pretty closed off type of guy, but the music will bring you closer. Flows and melodies is my game and I want to be legendary.

DFizz45 aka Darren is a 25 year old hailing from Dorchester MA, grew up a huge fan of 90s rap and try to put that feeling into every verse I write. I also came up a hooper like T.Y. but as our friendship evolved we transitioned from hoop to music.

We together as the rap duo Weapon, try to make soundtracks to real everyday lives, formulating bars while still giving melodies and vibes to enjoy. We want to create art that shapes the world. We want to go down as one of the greats in this rap game it has given so much to us, so it's time for us to give back.

Reality x DFizz45



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